About Actseed

Hello and welcome to Actseed.co, located in Singapore. It started in 2013 on a small scale to sell various lifestyle products made in the best designs. 

Actseed has been extracted from the world exceed which means doing things exceedingly or beyond. It was a Kickstarter project of 100 verses one heart. It was a successful launch as we got to sell over 2000 copies across the world. We don’t just work for profits, we work to help the underprivileged individuals too. From the sales of the set, we embarked on more projects and the cycle keeps on going on.

Our Mission

Actseed’s mission is to uplift the lives of people. Now we are working on creating a mini version of the box called Twelve from The Heart.

We believe in collaboration and that’s embedded in the core operations. We bring passionate designers together to create fun items together. Our products include verves which can be hanged at home or even gifted to people. Actseed is selling stationary and lifestyle products that are a combination of clean designs, crisp colors and delicate illustrations that you are going to fall in love with.

What We Are About?

We are passionate about sharing the goodness of Christianity through art and design. We want to create lifestyle products for every purpose whether you are looking for joy and inspiration. We create contemporary designs combined with clean lines. Most of our products are handcrafted. You will find authenticity in the handmade items that cannot be replicated. Everything we create, we put our heart and effort in it. Our items are not only good to see but they are good to use too. You can buy them as stylish gifts for your loved ones.

Our custom designs are focused on designing, conceptualising and delivering the bespoke products for our customers for adding a personal touch to everyday life. We work closely with our customers that are awesome enough to create a first impression.

We also support the social causes and social enterprises through the retail work. We hope that you enjoy all our products because we have created them with love. Through our sales, we donate SGD 2k to the community, funds to the prisoners and children in Nepal for studying and living a full life if their parents can’t work.

Price and Quality

If you have a big heart and you are the kind of individual having a great style, then our products are exactly meant for you. Words, typography and photography are some of our sources of inspiration too. Our products come in the best quality and we have kept the prices affordable so that you can buy whatever you want and make the most out of it. We believe words are extremely powerful and with art, you can readily change the atmosphere of the space. We invite you to explore our catalogue and buy the best of our products. A part of your money will go back to fund the designs at Actseed.

Why buy at Actseed?

We believe in designing something purposeful, not just something that looks beautiful. This is our new venture to work of various projects for social good. Investing in our products is like investing in your spiritual growth and support the cause of helping the creative scene. 

We hope that our products are a source of inspiration for all that you use them.

Happy shopping at Actseed!



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