1. Introduce yourself, name, age, what do work as, what do you like to do during your free time?

My name is Jolanda Barbier, 22 years old. I'm currently working at a certain design studio in Jakarta as a graphic designer and I have my own business that also relates to design world.
At my spare times, I usually go try new places, chilling at a coffee shop, visiting art spaces or exhibition, doing some handlettering, and sometimes I bake.

2. Which verse you did? And why? If you could choose to design another verse what would it be (maybe for the 2nd edition for 100verses).

The verse I designed Eph.2:8 and if I got the chance to do this again, I'll do Hebrew 6:19, or Luke 19:10

3. Tell us the process of doing the artwork for 100verses.
The process was to read the verse, paying attention to the words in the verse, and then deciding if I should put all of them in my design. After that, choosing the typeface, the fitting elements, and still keeping it all simple, so that the verse stay as the main attention.

4. What inspires your design?
Handlettering; but unfortunately for this one's verse, i don't get the chance to use my own personal handlettering, perhaps in another 100versesoneheart project :p ?
Jessica Hische and Sagmeister inspire me so much for more creative ideas.
for design style I prefer clean international style, and postmodernism & retro for the colour palette, yet I love Andy Warhol's pop art movement.

5. Where can we find you?
You could check out my portfolio on behance : be.net/jolandabarbier
 or simply by following my instagram account @jolandabarbier

6. Other comments or message you would like to share to everyone?
Use your skills and talents for the glory of God. It's not always about doing something at church, or joining the Christian Communities around us, but in everything that we do, we do it gratefully, and always give our best; that is the best way to serve God.



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