Terrazzo Tile in Blue
Terrazzo Tile in Blue Terrazzo Tile in Blue Terrazzo Tile in Blue Terrazzo Tile in Blue
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Terrazzo Tiles Collection
Terrazzo [tuh-raz-oh]

A mosaic piece comprising of chips of broken stone, usually marble and cement, which are polished when in place.

No creator hates the work of his hands. Even before the clay is shaped, a potter waits in anticipation of the final product, and he would love the outcome just the same, despite all of its imperfections.

In the same way, we were all wonderfully made for a purpose. Even when we do not feel worthy at times, we can take comfort in the fact that we are dearly loved and treasured, since the day we were conceived.

In this three-piece Terrazzo Tiles Collection, precious multi-coloured stones are gathered together, to create a beautiful whole. These bespoke pieces are elegant and beautiful in their own ways, making them the ideal accessory for the modern or minimalist home.

A play on the different shades of blue, this Terrazzo Tile evokes the calmness of the sea and elicits memories of the times when one whiled the days away watching the waves crash against the shore. A quintessential addition to one’s living spaces, this tile is great for displaying fresh fruits, bakes, cheese, cosmetics and jewelries.

Packed and shipped in a bubble wrap sleeve.

Dimensions – Diameter: 20cm, 30cm
Height: 2cm

Use: Displaying beauty products, jewelry, candles, flowers, pastries and fruits.

Caring for your tile:
Abrasive or gritty cleansers can scratch the surface of Terrazzo. Acid based cleansers will cause damage to natural stone. As vinegar and lemon juice are acidic, and shouldn't be used to clean terrazzo. Soaps and detergents are not recommended because they leave behind a fatty residue. Always use a soft cloth when cleaning. Do not allow stains to settle; blot and clean them immediately.