Hello Friends from across the world,

We learnt from our friend – who is working as a human geologist with an indigenous population in Northern Thailand that a flash flood struck the Ban Mai Nai Soi refugee camp (which had an estimated refugee population of 19,512 in 2008) and homes, NGO and CBO buildings, schools, TBC warehouses, roads and bridges were all affected by the flash flood.

News: http://reliefweb.int/report/thailand/flash-flood-ban-mai-nai-soi-camp

25 houses affecting 99 persons were completely destroyed and will need to be rebuilt. Landslides have also created unstable conditions for other houses within the camp which affects a further 44 people. Inhabitants of these unstable dwellings, as well as the aforementioned 25 families, are now staying with friends and relatives.

Amongst them are 118 children who have lost their school. To help them go back to school, we’ve started a new project to raise funds by designing and writing a book.

What’s the project? 
An English storybook for children, with 25 local stories from 25 different countries. Each story will be accompanied with illustrations, in partnership with our designer friends. The book will then go on sale, and funds will be used to procure and deliver 118 “School Starter Packs” to Ban Mai Nai Soi. Additional funds that we receive will be used to support the rebuilding of the school.

What do I need from you? 
A folklore from your country that teaches a positive moral value from these 9 themes: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control). They should be retold in your own words, and not exceed 300 words. New ones are also welcome if the story is compelling. Here’s an example from Paulo Coelho.

What if I can’t write?
You need not be a writer to have a story. I can collaborate with you to produce the story.

What do I get out of this? 
Two free copies of the book delivered to your doorstep, your story, name and country immortalised in print, and lots of thanks from the entire team and the villagers in Ban Mai Nai Soi!

I’m keen. How do I contact you to find out more? 
Email us at hello@actseed.co, and will furnish you with more information, details on how to proceed, and get this started! :D

What if I don’t have a story, but want to support this project? 
You can (1) be a Contributor by donating $10 – and have your name and country imprinted on our page of Special Mentions (link here) (2) share this with your friends – who knows, they might have a story! (3) buy our book, when it’s out!

We’ll be posting updates on Facebook, so follow Actseed.co on Facebook, for the latest updates. :)


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